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The Dream of Shadows

I wait for the darkness, to take me in its hand
For I fear I have lost you, unto the shadow land

It takes me away now, far into a dream
To a place I once knew, or as though it would seem

I'm frightened so I hide, in the shadows deep
For this place to which I've come, here I do weep

As the moonlight does reveal, the truth that I must face
I'm a creature of the night, ever doomed unto this place

In the darkness there I lie, the shadow child asleep
When awake I creep by, and take your soul to keep

To rid me of this sadness, I take those final steps
As the embers of dusk, stir the darkest depths

I take this time, to absorb all eternity
For with the spark of dawn, all the shadows flee


When spoken are the words, taken to heart and torn,
take not what seems harsh, for the fruit it bears is bitter.
Savor a second bite, then decide.

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