OS X Projects (Pre-Mountain Lion)

xSMB - Status bar monitor for SMB Shares
xAFP - Status bar monitor for AFP Shares
xWho - Status bar monitor for Logins

Installation Documentation for Tiger: Readme

TDBS Projects: "Set the WABAC Machine, Sherman!"

I programmed these back in 1991 when a few of us thought it would be a good idea to run a BBS.

TDBS is/was the database language used to program for TBBS.

OLC was designed to simplify TBBS configuration.
FBH & FBE were designed to emulate the functionality of PCBoard's file base.

OLC - Online Configuration for TBBS
FBE - File Base Enhancer for TBBS
FBH - File Base Handler for TBBS

Sadly, these were NEVER released to the general public.

Download - Complete source code for FBH, FBE, OLC & Keymaker