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Elderberry Tincture—no home should be without it—the outstanding bug blaster you’ve been reading about.  Anti-viral.  Take 2-3 Tablespoons a day as needed.    Keep a bottle in your bug out bag or stash a few in the medicine chest.   4oz bottle-----$7


Echinachea-Paua De Arco-Osha Root Tincture-a wonderful blend assisting the immune system to help you fight off the inner space invaders.  Good to take under stress or when around sick-uns and to keep a few bottles on hand.   2 oz bottle-----$7


Jazzy Hot Mamma Tincture-a gentle blend of angelica, wild yam, chaste tree berries, damiana, liquorice root and hops flowers to help relieve with symptoms of PMS or menopause. You don’t have to take horse urine, try Hot Mamma to help you get back to YOU!  Take 2-3 droppersful a day, or as needed.  1 dropperful = ˝ tsp.   4oz bottle (has 72 -1/2 tsp doses)-----$6


Calendula-Comfrey Salve—terrific salve for healing dry chapped skin, rashes, cuts and scrapes.  It is soothing and moisturizing.     Made with pure beeswax, olive oil, herbs and Vitamin E.  4oz jar-----$5  Does not smell medicine-y.


Arnica-St Johns Wort Salve—outstanding for bothersome aches and pains, rub some on your neck, knee or elbow, as it soaks in feel the comfort taking hold.  Made with pure beeswax, olive oil, herbs and Vitamin E.   Better than smelly sports rubs.  4oz jar-----$5


Also available: Valerian Root tincture, St. Johns Wort tincture, Colloidal Silver -15ppm, Hawthorn tincture, Blessed Thistle Tincture, Antiviral Blend Tincture and more.  I have listed the top sellers, if you want something that is not listed above, just ask.  If I don’t have it I can make it for you.  Average cost $5-$7 depending on cost of herbs, unless a special blend requiring unique ingredients is requested.


Jazzy Acre offers tinctures & salves at wholesale prices, so you can afford to stock up while herbals are still available.  Kept in a cool, dark area, tinctures last indefinitely.   Send an email and let us know what you are interested in, special orders and larger size bottles are available.  Thank you for your interest in Jazzy Acre Herbals, we work hard to make sure our items offer the very best ingredients and with the Preppers’ needs in mind.  Our tinctures (made with 80 proof vodka) and oils are Infused for a full 30 days, not the average 2 weeks you find elsewhere.  For more information or to place an order, contact us at:  dhuf@qwest.net .  Please type HERB ORDER in subject line to make sure it gets immediate attention.  Shipping /handling additional.  






Jazzy Acre Herbals

From the mountains in Taos, NM

Good Things For You


Herbs are wild crafted, grown at home or bought organic whenever possible

Grown at home means no pesticides or inorganic fertilizer ever, ever used

or my chickens would be pissed




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